Thursday, December 19, 2013

December Craft Fair

I did a craft fair earlier in the month and wanted to share some pictures.
I loved how the display was set up.  The wood piece in the background is a cabinet door that I found at resale shop.  My husband then put the baskets from a shelving store on to hold my cards.  He also attached legs to the back that are anchored with a chain.  It worked out very well.
 I had clear plastic picture holders for my prices.  The basket is holding some Christmas gift tags that I was also selling.  I might have to revisit how to display these better or maybe sell them in packages
In the basket and in the picture box on this side I had cards for all occasions.  The decorated smaller boxes I created are calendar card reminders.  I got a lot of good comments on them but no buyers.

I think I did pretty goo for my first craft fair.  I made 3x my both fee which is good since my prices of thins sold was only $3 to $1.  I hope to try to incorporate more height in my next show to try to draw more people in.

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